Easter lamb

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In the Catholic religion decided to celebrate the Great Easter rich variety of celebratory dishes, one traditional dish is symbolic, very meaningful dish for any Italian family "lamb baked in the oven with potatoes and baby peas". Delicious Italian flavor of the dish will bring to your home in a festive mood. Step-by-step description of this dish and its recipe I want to share with you. Happy holidays to you. Bon appetit!!!

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Ingredients for Easter lamb

Step by step instruction of cooking Easter lamb

Шаг 1

Lamb well my

Шаг 2

Water, salt, oregano meat marinade for 30 min.

Шаг 3

Prepare the cheese mixture and leave to infuse for 10 min.

Шаг 4

Cook vegetable mixture with spices added

Шаг 5

Add cheese mixture to the vegetable, mix well and leave for 15 min.

Шаг 6

Olive oil, onion and rosemary put into the oven for 5 min.

Шаг 7

Take it out and spread the meat

Шаг 8

Meat on top of onion and into the oven for 15 min.

Шаг 9

Add the wine and into the oven for 15 min.

Шаг 10

Add the garlic, Bay leaf, black pepper and into the oven for 15 min.

Шаг 11

Combine all ingredients mix well and in oven for 60 minutes, until tender

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Bon appetit!