Pasta "Nero" seafood

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Pasta in a fragrant sauce of cuttlefish ink with scallops. Beautiful, impressive, unusual and extremely tasty!!! A bonus recipe - the Flambeau scallop. For this dish you will wear on the hands )) and what could be better than a romantic dinner with a glass of wine and flavourful pasta with exotic ingredients and incredible creamy delicious sauce..? mmm) And for a few moments as if you are transported into a corner of Italy, Venice is the birthplace of this cuisine.

Ingredients for Pasta "Nero" seafood

Step by step instruction of cooking Pasta "Nero" seafood

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Prepare all the ingredients: seafood unfreeze, vegetables and herbs wash.
The first step is to marinate the scallops: mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons oil, 1 chopped clove of garlic, handful of parsley leaf and our scallops. Leave to marinate.

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One then scald the squid in boiling water for 1 minute. So it is easier to clean. After boiling the squid washed, cleaned of skin and to delay

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In the pan with the onions and garlic sent scallop with all its marinade, leave to obzhivatjsya. Meanwhile, cut squid rings, curriki - half, and parsley shred.

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Next, a little dramatic step from my husband :) Call me home to watch! Pour into a pan 30 grams of cognac, gently tilt the pan side to the fire so that the liquid was close to the edge, hop! Flamborough our scallop - effectively, call loved ones!

Шаг 5

While our scallop spectacular blazes, we are already preparing the ingredients of the sauce :)

Шаг 6

In a pan we put the sour cream, let warm up and send cuttlefish ink, 1 spoon is enough to make the sauce very black, rich and thick! Krasotischscha

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Next, put in the sauce squid, halved cherry tomatoes and parsley, mix well and put the finished pasta. Allow to warm up

Шаг 8

While our pasta is heated (a few minutes), grate on a small grater Parmesan.
Put pasta in a deep plate, top with priciples Parmesan and garnish with parsley leaves - great contrast :)
Bon appetit!