Real Georgian lavash

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I want to share with you the recipe of this bread is that you can do at home. The recipe is very easy, the important thing is to follow all the recommendations. Agree that Bread is the staff of life, and no one meal and holiday is complete without a flavorful bread that is worthy a place of honor at the head table.

for Easter

Ingredients for Real Georgian lavash

Step by step instruction of cooking Real Georgian lavash

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In warm milk add salt, sugar and yeast, mix well.
Melt the butter, beat the eggs and add all to milk. Mix thoroughly. Enter the flour gradually. Just want to explain why my flour was given in ml and not in g)))
Broken scales, and in presence of the house was a measuring Cup with graduations in ml, so.

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Knead the dough thoroughly. They have watery and sticky fingers. Add the vegetable oil and knead the dough a little. The photo shows that it is not contaminated with flour. Absolutely not, so the dough is "cool". Remove in a warm place the dough into 1.5-2 hours, until it increases in volume two

Шаг 3

Very important: when the dough came, we did not roll out the dough, flour for podpira not in use, and pita bread top no grease.
Hands liberally greased with vegetable oil, just test a decent piece and immediately put on a baking tray covered with baking paper, and preferably silicone Mat. Neither the pad, nor the paper with this oil, not grease!
From this amount of dough is obtained 2 large or 3 medium pita bread. Focus on the size of your over the meat. I make a lot of pitas.
And so put on a baking sheet a piece of dough. If it is necessary hands again oiled, and his hands formed directly on protivene pita bread round shape, rolling pins, are excluded. They will score the pita.
Put into the oven our pita bread for 20-15 minutes, depending on your oven. 190 degrees
Pita bread on top I repeat no grease. When he starts romanitsa, so ready.

Шаг 4

On hot pita bread put a piece of butter.