Sweet corn tortilla

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Loose, lush, moderately sweet wheat-corn tortilla. You can simply bake it in the frying pan or the form for the cake - baking then a nice variety to your Easter table!

for Easter

Ingredients for Sweet corn tortilla

Step by step instruction of cooking Sweet corn tortilla

Шаг 1

Half of the flour mix with a pinch of sugar, milk and pour packet of yeast "SAF-moment"

Шаг 2

Cover the pan with a lid and wait for the bubbles.

Yeast "SAF-moment" fast, so the bubbles appear after 10-15 minutes

Шаг 3

Now add the remaining flour, egg, salt, sugar and oil, mix well

Шаг 4

Add corn grits and finally knead the dough. Leave it to rise for 3 hours, during this time, a couple of times to press down.

Regarding corn:
1) I pour dry because I like the presence in the finished product a little hardish corn grains
2) Cereal can pour boiling water to cool, drain in a sieve and then add to the dough - grains will be softer
3) you Can substitute grits for polenta or corn flour - grains will not.

Шаг 5

After 3 hours put the dough in a greased form.
You can bake like me - in a pan in pellet form, and can be in the form for the cake

Let the dough rise for about half an hour in the oven, 160 degrees, about 40-45 minutes.