Assorted baked apples with different toppings

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There are many different fillings for stuffing apples. Some use cottage cheese (some recipes are in my book), rice, and other fillers. Suggest as toppings to use cranberries, blueberries and a banana. Also you recommend other fruits and seasonal berries. Baked apples - a great dessert, Breakfast, dinner, or snack. Interestingly, during heat treatment of apples do not lose their useful properties, but on the contrary, only become more useful!

Ingredients for Assorted baked apples with different toppings

Step by step instruction of cooking Assorted baked apples with different toppings

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The photo of the ingredients. Apples, banana my. Blueberries, cranberries defrost (if frozen).

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Prepare the filling. The blueberries add vanilla (to taste) 0.5 tsp. of powder. And the cranberries fit cinnamon (to taste) 0.5 tsp. of powder. Stir and a taste. If necessary, add more sugar or spices. Overripe banana, sweet and just mash with a spoon. The stuffing is ready.

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Now prepare "molds". Apple removed the top and with a spoon remove the seed cells, and part of the flesh. Do the recesses which later put the stuffing. Please note that the walls must be quite thick, so in the process of baking they do not burst. If You have a device for removing the cores, you can use it.

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Prepared by "apples-mold" to fill with toppings. Cranberries, blueberries and banana. Put the apples in a bowl multivarki, add very little water and turn on the mode "Baking" for 20 minutes. If no slow cooker, no problem! Put the pan with apples and water in a preheated 220 degree oven for 30 minutes. The time depends on capacity of the furnace.

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It took 20 minutes. The apples are cooked, become soft, the filling is ready, too. You can serve it hot or cold. You can decorate with coconut flakes. Bon appetit!