Herring brandy-teriaceae

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And here I dare to put the global snack - pickled herring. I'm sure on one hundred percent that this option You haven't tried! My recipe, the author invented me yesterday as an experiment. Herring turns out - yum! What's for dinner could be better than a crumbly boiled potatoes... Yes, with herring... mmmm... help yourself!

Ingredients for Herring brandy-teriaceae

Step by step instruction of cooking Herring brandy-teriaceae

Шаг 1

So, we need herring. Preferably own Ambassador, salted.

But if not, then come down and shop, just take a whole - so delicious

Шаг 2

Clean the herring into fillets, removing all bones

Шаг 3

Marinade in sugar, pour the sauce "Taco" Kikkoman

Шаг 4

Add mixed with water and vinegar

Шаг 5

And cognac.

Stir until sugar is dissolved.

Шаг 6

Pour herring fillets marinade in the refrigerator overnight.

Шаг 7

Pickled herring cut into pieces, flavored with vegetable oil lightly, decorate to your taste!