Peanut sauce for salad "Chuck"

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Hello! First, the story. My husband and I really love seaweed salad "Chuck" (well, that is tasty and healthy), but the problem is that it is vital peanut sauce. It stores no, first ordered online, but for a long time l have not been delayed: it was too good and chicken-piggy-tempura, and marine reptiles. Decided to improvise. What came out of it - you decide!

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Ingredients for Peanut sauce for salad "Chuck"

Step by step instruction of cooking Peanut sauce for salad "Chuck"

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And here is the ingredients.

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Forgot the main component! Peanuts! Fry in a pan until it will turn brown along with sesame seeds (main thing is not to burn). Can be fried, but freshly roasted fragrant that is.

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First you need to grind nuts in a blender for 2-3 minutes. I warn you, be loud!

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Here is what we output.

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Add the remaining components. All at once. Except maybe water and oil, this is the flavor and consistency you need to look. In principle, the oil can not add, because and nuts, and sesame oil, it is greasy. Once again: RICE vinegar!

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Beat for another couple of minutes. And here is the helper came (we just weigh in, I do not think there what, soup).

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Bon appetit!