Yoghurt and honey bread

201 - 250 минут 12 порции

This recipe I found in a long forgotten recipe book for my bread machine. Baked bread, I liked the result. Bread turns out the air with a hint of sesame. Delighted to have the recipe, maybe someone he will like.

Ingredients for Yoghurt and honey bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Yoghurt and honey bread

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Here our products.

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In bread machine put the products in the order in which they are listed in the ingredients. The water should be cold, butter melted. Yogurt take good quality. If you want saltier to the bread - put 1.5 tsp of salt. Sesame is added last. In this recipe it is not recommended to use a delayed start or delay timer.

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Set the baking mode. In this recipe, the crust turns out darker than when baking normal bread, so choose a medium sauté.

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After baking, we get such buhanku.

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The bread is ready.