Rolls-stand for eggs

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The original edible supports for eggs. Another way to decorate your Easter table

for Easter

Ingredients for Rolls-stand for eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls-stand for eggs

Шаг 1

Add yeast "SAF-moment" in the flour, stir

Шаг 2

Add salt, sugar, milk and eggs, knead the dough

Шаг 3

Now add the butter, knead the dough and allow it to come up 1 time

Шаг 4

Abenaim, if necessary adding flour - the dough should be soft but not sticky. Allow to rise once more.

Шаг 5

Now cutting.

Roll out the dough thin flagella,

Шаг 6

Each flagellum dip in oil and coat in poppy, weaving the braid, turn the braid into a ring

Шаг 7

Set the buns on a baking sheet in the center of each instead of eggs we put a ball of foil (lubricated with oil). Leave it for proofing for 15 minutes in the preheated oven. 180 degrees, bake until Golden brown.

Шаг 8

Remove the foil and put in the center of the buns decorated with an egg