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Bright potatoes with meat for dinner

Bright potatoes with meat for dinner

Seemingly normal fried potatoes with meat, but it is necessary to add the vegetables, herbs and a little soy sauce for flavor, as the taste begins to play in new ways. I'll be honest - I tried to diversify the usual dinner and have no regrets... home asked for more. Fried potatoes is delicious by itself, so add very little meat, just for flavor. The number of ingredients a conditional... be guided by their consumers.

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Ingredients for Bright potatoes with meat for dinner

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Bright potatoes with meat for dinner

Step 1

Peeled potatoes cut into strips, cover with cold water and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2

Meat cut into small pieces and fry.

Step 3

Chop the onion, parsley and sweet peppers.

Step 4

Drain the water from the potatoes and spread it on the meat. Add the onion and pepper. Mix well. Fry until all the potatoes are done.

Step 5

Pour half of the green onions, sugar, chopped garlic and pour the Kikkoman soy sauce. Optionally a little salt. Mix well and remove from heat.
Our bright, flavorful dinner is ready!