Micro fancy cakes in egg shells

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It's not even a mini-mud pies, namely the micro-mud pies. I think they especially like children!

for Easter

Ingredients for Micro fancy cakes in egg shells

Step by step instruction of cooking Micro fancy cakes in egg shells

Шаг 1

To the flour add the raisins, stir

Шаг 2

In warm milk dissolve the yeast "SAF-moment"

Шаг 3

Mix all ingredients and knead the dough. It should be sticky. Put it in a container exceeding the volume of the test five times, cover with a lid and leave for 4-5 hours. Do not interfere. After some time a spoon abenaim it.

Шаг 4

My eggs well with soap and water. Nadkalyvaet one side of the shell and pour the egg from the shell

Шаг 5

Solskjaer egg inside and dry. Then gently with a finger lubricated inside with oil. Spread the batter on the shells. Within each shell about 2-3 tsp of the dough.

This test had on my 15 eggs

Шаг 6

Allow to stand until the dough has risen almost to the edge of the shells and into a preheated oven. They are baked very quickly. I baked 10 minutes at temp of 160 degrees

Шаг 7

Here they are out

Шаг 8

Decorate the top with icing and sprinkles