Chicken skewers with mushrooms

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Here's a simple dinner you want to offer. Chicken, mushrooms and soy sauce. A delicious combination happened. Is very simple and we need only a frying pan. The dressing adds some flavor to the dish. For the recipe thanks to Tanya ( the Cake ).

Ingredients for Chicken skewers with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken skewers with mushrooms

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So take these products. I have teriyaki sauce, chicken breast and mushrooms.

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Cut the breast into pieces. Approximately 3cm on 3cm. it is Desirable that they were identical.

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Fill the pieces with sauce, salt lightly. Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Take at least half an hour.

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Then clean the mushrooms, wash them and add to the breast.

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Peremeshaem carefully. Mushrooms better to take small in size. Leave it for another 20 minutes.

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And here when will be ready our mushrooms and breast, take the wooden skewers. And strung first the breast, then the mushrooms, one at a time. With mushrooms you have to be careful, they can crack. Measure our skewers on the size of the pans. I had a 24cm diameter, so I had to trim the skewers. Will heat up the frying pan. But not on high heat. Pour oil. Our and fry the skewers on all four sides for 3 minutes. It may take longer. To avoid much of the spray, it is necessary skewers lightly wipe off on paper towels before frying.