Fillet "fishnet"

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Incredibly delicious is not a phrase that will fit this dish! Despite its simplicity-it is so delicious! I have his "swallow " all who were given to enjoy! I suggest to you to try the taste of roasted chicken breast pork-impossible to put down!

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Ingredients for Fillet "fishnet"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fillet "fishnet"

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Fillet cut into plates. (not beats!)

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Mix spices, honey, lemon juice with soy sauce "Kikkoman"

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Soak chicken in marinade for half an hour

Шаг 5

Straighten on a cutting Board pig mesh

Шаг 6

Wrap marinated fillets in the mesh (tight, but not dragging)

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Fry in a pan for 3 minutes on each side. The taste is incredible! not even a broiling bacon-wrapped, with no other grid provides such an unusual and bright flavor that is impossible to convey!

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Please help yourself! Incredibly tender meat in a grid-juicy, tasty and satisfying!