Salad "April" and aromatic sauce

73 - 30 минут 3 порции

I invite you to enjoy a delicious, refreshing but at the same time, a hearty salad, with spicy sauce!

Ingredients for Salad "April" and aromatic sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "April" and aromatic sauce

Шаг 1

Break the egg into a Cup, add the mustard,

Шаг 2

lemon juice and

Шаг 3

little stir.

Шаг 4

Add soy sauce and beat the mass into foam.

Шаг 5

To try to salt if you need salt. Continuing to whisk, pour a thin construction of the vegetable oil.

Шаг 6

I have a watery sauce (for this salad, what you need), so the oil I took 150ml. If you want thick (consistency of mayonnaise), then you need to take at least 200ml.

Шаг 7

Add the remaining spices (paprika, Khmeli-suneli, allspice and red) and stir. You can add greens.

Шаг 8

The sauce is ready!

Шаг 9

Cooking time recipe excluding the time spent on cooking beans. Beans pre-soak for at least 6 hours, changing every hour the water. Boil beans. You can use canned beans.

Шаг 10

Fillet boil and fry lightly in butter.

Шаг 11

I baked in the grill.

Шаг 12

Shred cabbage and

Шаг 13

arrange on plates, watering sauce.

Шаг 14

Put cabbage small pieces of fried chicken and

Шаг 15

the boiled beans. Cover with the sauce.

Шаг 16

Place the tomatoes, cut into wedges, croutons and greens. And cover with the sauce.

Шаг 17

A pleasant and flavorful meal!