Nice chick

199 - 70 минут 5 порции

Friends who agree with me? That the taste of chicken is beautiful! A lot of her recipes know! Cook, fry, bake..! And believe me, never happened..! So she bothered! So I want to remind you one simple recipe..! The aroma of the house filled, make our delicious lunch! And in the feast and dinner, he suddenly someone will be needed..! Who like spicy flavor, I hope it will be very happy! For meals we will need : oil, spices, cinnamon..! And of course, garlic, in this case, all helped..! Our chicken turned out very flavorful! Gentle mellowness suffused, sunburned very nice! Help yourself dear! The birds are just gold!

Ingredients for Nice chick

Step by step instruction of cooking Nice chick

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Mix chopped garlic, ground Bay leaf, cinnamon, butter and pepper and salt (without the salt then just add salt the chicken)

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Put the chicken in the form (if you need to make), any refractory form.. to Tie his legs, so he did not lose juices during baking and retains its shape.

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Preheat the oven 190-210%, bake for 45 to 70минут (depends on the weight of the bird), I have a weight of 1 kg, it took me 45 minutes. Watch ready, when will be allocated clear juice, and the chicken is well browned.. ( do not overdry!) If you are not particularly confident in the oven, cover the dangerous areas with foil (but not all!)

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Eat with your favorite side dish!