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Braised chicken in a jar

Braised chicken in a jar

In jars with screw-caps that remain from jams and compotes, very convenient to bake the chicken. This way you will not desiccate even diet chicken breast - it is juicy and flavorful. After baking, it will remain tender and moist – then the submission will not require any fatty sauces type of mayonnaise. Very interesting is the baked chicken pieces straight from the jar for the kiddies, so especially for them I baked the chicken in small jars. Very convenient to take with you to work husband - warmed up in the microwave directly in the Bank, and a hot dinner ready, well ready to add the chicken pieces to the salad. If the fridge are ready, "Lunches" in the banks, you will always have a great dinner, and well balanced! Bake so can any of the parts of the chicken, and simply meat, beef or veal.

Cooking time 160 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Braised chicken in a jar

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Braised chicken in a jar

Step 1

Fillet wash, dry, cut into medium pieces.

Step 2

Pour Kikkoman soy sauce, stir and leave to marinate for 20 minutes.

Step 3

On the bottom of cans to put a few peppercorns, Bay leaf, salt (if desired, if you like saltier, considering that soy sauce is also salty).

Step 4

Lay the meat on the banks, so that they were filled not more
than 2/3 of its volume.

Step 5

To put the banks in a deep pan, the bottom of which is laid
textile cloth, folded several times, pour in a pan of cold water. Banks with chicken add boiled water so that the meat was covered with it.

Step 6

Put the pan in a cold oven, cook at 200 degrees for 2 hours.
The water in the pan and the banks from time to time to pour if it will boil away,
chicken all the time must be covered with water. Serve immediately or cool and put into the refrigerator. Bon appetit!