Cake sugar and cream

133 - 180 минут 16 порции

This is a new for me recipe of cake. There is no butter, it is fully cream. That's what I did. If anyone will like this recipe, I suggest to try.

for Easter

Ingredients for Cake sugar and cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake sugar and cream

Шаг 1

Cream mixed with milk and heated.

Шаг 2

Take 3 cups of flour ( I have a glass of 250 ml), add the yeast. Add the warm cream mixture, stir. Let stand up a little bit.

Шаг 3

Meanwhile, beat until white yolks with 2 cups sugar.

Шаг 4

Proteins whisk with 2 cups of sugar in a solid foam.

Шаг 5

Then add egg mixture to the dough and begin to add the flour. In the recipe it is written: "Add as much flour, how much dough will take". I have picked up)) 7 cups. Mix the dough and let it rise again in a warm cover with a cloth.

Шаг 6

Then the dough put the flour on a cutting Board, it should be mixed with the raisins.

Шаг 7

Arrange the dough in shape. The test level is not more than half. I got 6 forms of this number the test. Give up, cover with a cloth and put in a preheated 180-190 degrees oven for 45-50 minutes. Follow the oven, if the top will be much to bake, cover with baking paper.

Шаг 8

Here are our cakes. I decorated their usual glaze (1 protein and 1 Cup powdered sugar+1 tbsp lemon juice)