Cake creamy honey

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This is my most-most favorite recipe of the cake. First, it "lazy" - i.e. very easy to prepare. Secondly it is fragrant due to the honey. And third and the rest - he is so cuuuuuteee that having tried it once, on Easter, I only cook these cakes!

for Easter

Ingredients for Cake creamy honey

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake creamy honey

Шаг 1

Mix the honey, egg yolks, sour cream and water

Шаг 2

To this mixture add half of the flour and the yeast "SAF-moment"

Шаг 3

Pour the melted butter

Шаг 4

Stir until smooth

Шаг 5

To add the remaining flour and mix well. The dough should be sticky. Cover with cling film and leave for 2 hours to raise. The dough should increase in volume by 2-3 times

Шаг 6

And spread in a greased mold.

From this number the test will have 10-12 small cakes (about the size of faceted glass)

Give up short 2 cm to the edge of the form and put in heated oven. Bake about 20 minutes at 170 degrees.

Шаг 7

Decorate the top meringue or frosting