Honey buns "Flowers"

108 - 45 минут 10 порции

Want to bring to Your attention the air rolls with chocolate drops.

for Easter

Ingredients for Honey buns "Flowers"

Step by step instruction of cooking Honey buns "Flowers"

Шаг 1

The cooking time I took into account only the baking time.
Now, knead the dough. Heat the milk to lukewarm. Then add the yeast and dilute. Add sugar and salt. The egg, stir. Add a little vegetable oil (1tbsp. L.).

Шаг 2

Add flour and knead the dough. A bowl greased with vegetable oil and put in her dough. Leave in a warm place for the dough for 2 hours. When the dough has risen, drop it, do 2-3 times. Due to the yeast SAF-MOMENT, the dough rises well and quickly.

Шаг 3

When the dough is ready, take it out of the bowl and slightly knead on the table.
Of dough to make sausage...

Шаг 4

Roll them into a snail.

Шаг 5

Carefully with scissors make cuts.

Шаг 6

These are the flowers you should get.

Шаг 7

Flowers spread on a baking sheet and put it on the stove. Light the oven. The tray should stand for 10-15 minutes. Then grease muffin egg yolk, sprinkle with poppy seeds and bake it in the oven to bake. Scones are baked at a temperature of 180-200 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
Ready slightly cooled rolls lubricated with honey and "glue" it is chocolate drops.

Enjoy your tea!