Souffle of poultry with pistachios

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Lovely meat dish, can replace the cutting of meat products. Pistachios lend a unique, delicate flavor and beauty in the cut. The recipe is very long been found in one of the magazines, since at least 1 time a year preparing this dish. Today I prepared from Turkey breast. The original recipe was offered chicken.

Ingredients for Souffle of poultry with pistachios

Step by step instruction of cooking Souffle of poultry with pistachios

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The products required.

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Fillet washed, cut film and grate nutmeg for the destruction of odors. This is especially true of Turkey breast. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse well, dry with cloth, cut into pieces and mince or chop in a blender until minced. Nuts clear.

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With the form of bacon, two sides, leaving the ends hanging. From the end of one plate, pressing the walls of the mold. The joint closed with a strip of bacon.

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Stuffing the egg, pour in the cream, pour peeled pistachios, sprinkle with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. I foresee the question of why little salt. As and bacon, and salted pistachios, for our family this amount is sufficient.

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Into prepared pan spread the stuffing, well level.

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Begin to close dangling ends.

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The junction of the top and close vertically a strip of bacon.