Easter cakes "to grandmother's house"

132 - 300 минут 6 порции

It's Easter. Want to surprise and please the relatives of their visit and, of course, gifts-surprise. Easter cakes consists of baskets of cakes with cherry fondant. Pastries 2 types of test: test basket test in the cakes. We need to prepare patience, a considerable amount of time and love. And you can go to grandma's with Goodies!

for Easter

Ingredients for Easter cakes "to grandmother's house"

Step by step instruction of cooking Easter cakes "to grandmother's house"

Шаг 1

The present pour the dough in the bread machine.

Шаг 2

Gradually add flour, parts, stirring until smooth.

Шаг 3

Leave the dough in the bread maker, to increase twice.

Шаг 4

In the cooking process, I realized that I have no suitable molds for baking mud pies.
So I had to rely on their ingenuity.
Made molds out of foil and baking paper, took a glass and a shot glass.

Шаг 5

When the dough is "vitreous" as my grandma says, adding washed in hot water raisins and marmalade (I have cherry).

Шаг 6

Knead again and begin to fill our homemade molds.

Шаг 7

Also they prepared us egg shells (thoroughly wash them with hot water, remove the film, keep for half an hour in salt water).

Шаг 8

Leave blank mud pies in a warm place for 1 hour.
I left in a warm oven.

Шаг 9

Then bake mud pies in a pre heated oven.

Шаг 10

Take out of the molds mud pies.

Шаг 11

In the same way bake the second batch of cakes, just the molds I did for the jar of sour cream.

Шаг 12

Go to the test basket.
Pour into a bowl a glass of milk.

Шаг 13

Add the yeast "SAF-Moment" (1, 5 teaspoons).

Шаг 14

Stir yeast into milk until dissolved.

Шаг 15

Add the sugar.

Шаг 16

Softened butter.

Шаг 17


Шаг 18

Add 2 tablespoons of vodka.

Шаг 19

Add the flour vymeshivaem dough.

Шаг 20

The dough should be elastic, soft as the ear lobe (as taught by my grandmother). Leave in a warm place to astronautica cover with a cloth.

Шаг 21

Prepare the form for the basket.
I took a small sauce pan, covered with foil, greased with butter.

Шаг 22

After the test, start working.
Cut off a piece of dough, stretch it with a rolling pin to smooth a thin layer.

Шаг 23

Cut the dough into narrow, flat and long strips.

Шаг 24

Begin to weave baskets, make a base-flake.

Шаг 25

Weave a basket.

Шаг 26

Spin the rim to the basket.

Шаг 27

Grease the basket with beaten egg and bake in the oven until the blush.

Шаг 28

Make dough stick to the basket, different figures for gemstone jewelry, leaves, flowers, nests, eggs. hare.

Шаг 29

Isixhosa take out the basket.

Шаг 30

Greased egg figurines.

Шаг 31

Bake figures.

Шаг 32

Bunny is ready for Easter.

Шаг 33

Attach handle to basket with toothpicks.

Шаг 34

Cook the fondant to the cakes.
Take 200 gr of sugar, squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 100 ml red wine (I took your cherry).
Cook on a medium heat until thick.
The aroma is simply magical!

Шаг 35

The lubricated head of the cooled cakes with the syrup-sweet.

Шаг 36

Sprinkle cakes; confectionery sprinkles.

Шаг 37

Cakes from the second party decorate with figures of dough.

Шаг 38

Fill a basket with mud pies, decorate.

Шаг 39

Collect gifts and Goodies and go visit my grandmother!

Шаг 40

I admit, I could not resist and took a sample of mud pies.
Ate the smallest.
It was very tasty (not bragging), cherry icing and cherry marmalade give the dough a wonderful flavor and aroma.
For my taste was very sweet, probably due to marmalade and sweet fondant, sugar dough for cakes, you can put less.
The dough was very soft and tender, not dry.

Шаг 41

First, prepare the sourdough dough for cakes.
Take a glass of milk (I soured), heated 1 minute in the microwave.

Шаг 42

Take 150 g of sugar.

Шаг 43

Teaspoon of yeast "SAF-Moment".

Шаг 44

Add a spoonful of flour.

Шаг 45

All carefully stir and leave the dough in a warm place.

Шаг 46

Meanwhile, take an egg and gently break, leaving the shell (it is still useful to us).