Pork chops in batter from oatmeal

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Another option chops. A barely perceptible nutty flavor of the oatmeal in the batter gives the chops a nice touch.

Ingredients for Pork chops in batter from oatmeal

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork chops in batter from oatmeal

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Beats the meat and brush lubricated sauce-marinade Teriyaki "Kikkoman". Put in container and refrigerate to marinate for an hour or two

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The batter.

Mix egg, 1 tsp. teriyaki sauce "Kikkoman", starch, and oatmeal in a homogeneous mass. It is thicker than regular batter

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In appearance and the consistency of this batter is very similar to the ready-made mustard. Dip a chop into it is difficult, so a spoon coat the chops on all sides with batter.

This quantity of batter will be enough for 3-4 pork chops

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Sent in a pan with hot oil and fry on both sides.