Easter animals with plum filling

150 - 120 минут -

Cute, funny, delicious animals stuffed - plums, Yes uneasy, and nafarshirovannye brown sugar, but in addition wrapped in dough... it's sooooo tasty, sweet, juicy and unusual.

Ingredients for Easter animals with plum filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Easter animals with plum filling

Шаг 1

The dough for Easter cakes kneaded more shortening.
All the ingredients for the dough should be warm or at room temperature.
Yeast+0.5 Cup water+1 hour. L. sugar=Opara.
The yeast mixture aside until it swells.
RUB on a small grater, zest one lemon.
Milk+eggs+salt+si ar+oil+lemon zest+cognac+dough+flour (gradually introduce)=to knead the dough.
Need so much flour that when mixing the dough start to roll on the Cup.
Put the dough in a warm place, covering it with a towel to come.

Шаг 2

While the dough is rising, prepare the filling:
Plums cut in half and remove the pit (if possible, better draining notching not to the end, then it will be better to keep the shape during baking)

Шаг 3

Cottage cheese+egg+ semolina+salt+sugar+MUK and+butter=knead dough

Шаг 4

In the middle of one of the halves of plums to sprinkle brown sugar, combine the two halves of the plum together.

Шаг 5

Wrap a plum in dough.

Шаг 6

It turned out five balls of dough with plums inside.

Шаг 7

As yeast dough came that is generated by our Pets:
wrap each bun in a piece of dough and form a ball. (it turns out the principle of nesting dolls in the gingerbread dough from the gingerbread dough, which is plum filled with sugar).

Шаг 8

Forming a hedgehog, gingerbread man the anchor part of the dough a little stretch - it will be nose manicure scissors make cuts around the bun (except the nose) - needle, the eyes and the tip of the nose - raisins.
Forming the Bunny, make it a bit elongated, nail scissors make cuts - ears that are stackable pieces of extra dough on it, stick a bun - ponytail, eyes and nose - raisins.

Шаг 9

The crab consists of the claws and bun-head nail scissors cut a mouth, eyes - raisins, reed - a piece of dried mango.
Lubricated animals melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Шаг 10

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees until cooked (it will turn brown) (about 40 minutes).
Bon appetit!