Home-made sausage

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At home you can cook the most authentic sausage... see for yourself.

Ingredients for Home-made sausage

Step by step instruction of cooking Home-made sausage

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You can change meat proportion., or a chicken to replace beef... Salt and spices are shown for 1 kg (meat, fat)
Scrolled in a meat grinder on a coarse lattice pork

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And chicken

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Mix the nitrite salt and the remaining spices (garlic is not necessary)

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Fat podmorazhivanie (easier to cut), cut into cubes about 1v1 see and remove while in the fridge.

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Next we start vymeshivanii the mince for 10 - 15 minutes, while gradually pouring the icy water and we pour our mixture of salt and spices. in the end add the bacon, garlic (squeezed in a garlic press) and distribute them evenly in the meat. Remove the meat overnight in the fridge to Mature. (work gloves!)

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After that, knead again (a few minutes) and begin to stuff the stuffing into the shell (I used 32mm collagen) using a grinder and attachments for stuffing sausages. Watch what would in a shell does not hit the air. Leave at room temperature for a few hours.

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Then begins the laborious process.. Put our sausages on the grill, turn on the oven to the minimum and... for 3-4 hours (I prepared for 3h.20min)method turn on, turn off the oven (I have the conventional oven) raise the oven temperature to 80-85 degrees when the temperature inside the loaf 68-70 degrees.
I used a cooking thermometer - probe, it is desirable to have another thermometer for the oven.
When the internal temperature of the loaf reaches 68 to 70 degrees, take out the sausages and immediately cool them under a cold shower. Then remove overnight in the refrigerator.

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The next day - ready! The sausage turned out juicy, tender with ham flavor.

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Bon appetit!