Ham at home

100 - 90 минут 15 порции

Using vicinity can enjoy a tasty appetizer of meat. I use two kinds of meat: chicken and pork. It turns out very juicy, hearty homemade ham. My family and guests eat it with great pleasure.

Ingredients for Ham at home

Step by step instruction of cooking Ham at home

Шаг 1

Soak the meat by adding seasoning, cilantro, salt to taste

Шаг 2

Marinated meat and leave for a day, to steep

Шаг 3

To collect vaccinia, put it in the oven bag, tying the lower end of the

Шаг 4

Place meat

Шаг 5

Collect the finished vecinita stacked in her meat

Шаг 6

Place vecinita in a pot of water and boil the ham for 90 minutes. Then to get, to cool, without removing the meat put in the fridge. The finished product is cut. Bon appetit!