Rolls-turns with cocoa from curd test

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Treat yourself and your loved ones this wonderful pastries. Cottage cheese yeast dough - it's a miracle!

for Easter

Ingredients for Rolls-turns with cocoa from curd test

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls-turns with cocoa from curd test

Шаг 1

In the curd add salt, sugar, butter and egg, mix well.

Curd should not be very sour!

Шаг 2

Pour in the cheese, the yeast, and start adding the flour

Шаг 3

The number of flour - how much dough. It should be soft, tender texture similar to sand. The dough is put in a bag and leave at room temperature for 2 hours. It is not much raised - but as it should be.

Шаг 4

For topping, smeshivanie sugar, cocoa and vanilla

Шаг 5

From test Osipyan a piece about the size of a fist, roll out thin, sprinkle the cocoa and sugar, roll curl

Шаг 6

Roll cut into 2 pieces ( not completely)

Шаг 7

And twisted tails between

Шаг 8

Put on baking tray, put in cold oven, turn it on 50 degrees for 15 minutes - during this time the coils will rise slightly (generally they do not rise much), then switched to 150 degrees and Topcem to a rosy color.

Шаг 9

Hot sprinkle with powdered sugar

Шаг 10

In water, add yeast "SAF-moment," add a pinch of sugar, stir and wait until the foam