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Air yeast butterflies with a filling of cottage cheese and dried apricots.

for Easter

Ingredients for Rolls-butterflies

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls-butterflies

Шаг 1

Prepare a yeast dough. In warm milk bred yeast, I have tried a lot. Then add sugar, a pinch of salt.

Шаг 2

Add the egg and melted margarine. Stir. Add flour and knead the dough. Capacity grease with vegetable oil and put the dough raising in a warm place for 1.5-2 hours. The dough rises quickly.

Шаг 3

The finished dough spread on the table. Divide it into equal parts. Each piece is rolled into the reservoir.

Шаг 4

Dried apricots cut into small pieces and combine with cottage cheese. Add a little sour cream and sugar to taste.
The grease reservoir filling.

Шаг 5

Collapsible roll, join into a ring. Turn the ring seam side down and press from the top.

Шаг 6

Cut as in the photo.

Шаг 7

The notched part is bent to the side to make a butterfly. The same is done with other pieces of dough.
Put butterflies on a baking sheet and leave for 15 minutes. Then grease with egg yolk and bake it in the oven. Bake about 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Шаг 8

Ready warm butterflies lubricated with honey and sprinkle with Easter sprinkles.
Served with tea!

Enjoy your tea!
A Happy Easter!