Teriyaki pork with mustard seeds

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Tender... soft... juicy... spicy braised pork with sour cream sauce... With any side dish will be a great dinner!!

Ingredients for Teriyaki pork with mustard seeds

Step by step instruction of cooking Teriyaki pork with mustard seeds

Шаг 1

Add sour cream, stir. Cover with a lid and tormented for about 20 minutes

Шаг 2

Served with any side dish. I have mashed potatoes. On top lightly sprinkle with mustard seeds for decoration

Шаг 3

So we need pork, cut into its pieces. I took the neck

Шаг 4

Grain mustard (dry) I grind, but not to a powder, and slightly. The part will remain intact, part of the pulverized

Шаг 5

Mix the teriyaki sauce marinade Teriyaki from "Kikkoman" with crushed mustard seeds

Шаг 6

Add dry ginger

Шаг 7

Cut onion into half rings, sent the pork, pour the meat with onions in our marinade

Шаг 8

Juliem hands, stir a little potseluem. Cover and put to marinate for 2-3 hours.

Шаг 9

In a frying pan heats the oil, throw it and a good pork roast so there was a crust