Barbecue "Cuts"

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Offer to cook dinner barbecue on the coals. It's delicious, and besides - fun for the whole family! And the barbecue will be for everyone!

Ingredients for Barbecue "Cuts"

Step by step instruction of cooking Barbecue "Cuts"

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Beef and mutton cut into pieces. Marinate in mixture of soy sauce, onions, and spices.

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The chicken is also cut into pieces, marinated. It is best to leave the meat for a couple of hours.

Шаг 3

For the marinade I use soy sauce "Kikkoman "

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Vegetable wash, clean. Drizzle with mixture of olive oil and soy sauce. A very large cut. But, not all vegetables can be cut! Tomatoes, for example, it is better to cook completely, otherwise, it will flow out all the juice. Very large pieces of vegetables can be damp, but too small to burn.

Шаг 5

When roasting meat, you need to consider that chicken is cooked for less time than beef and lamb. Vegetables it is important not to overdo! 5-7 minutes is enough. You can lightly sprinkle the vegetables with a mixture of water and garlic, it will give a pleasant aroma.

Шаг 6

Submit a shish kebab on a wooden skewer.
Bon appetit!))