Cereal milk "Friendship"

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Prepared from the three cereals: wheat, rice and millet, because "friendship". For many years this is a favorite porridge in our family. Cook it when my boys go to kindergarten. And now, for Breakfast before school, eating with pleasure, than I am very pleased. Not going to lecture about the benefits of whole grains and cereals, I think it is so well known. Offer to cook and taste.

Ingredients for Cereal milk "Friendship"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cereal milk "Friendship"

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Milk bring to a boil, add salt and sugar. In the background I heated the iron circle, when cook porridge in a regular saucepan with a thin bottom, after boiling, move to it and does not burn anything. Well it is, retreat is, can someone come in handy.

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In boiling milk to send the cereal, mix well.

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After a time the porridge to try, if necessary, add salt sugar, to turn off the gas, put a piece of butter and cover for another couple minutes.

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Delicious, nutritious porridge is ready! You can call home for Breakfast. Bon appetit!