Poached egg "Breakfast of the day"

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A poached egg is an egg boiled in hot water without a shell. Squirrels will be quite solid, while the yolk will be soft and creamy. However, if you do not follow a few important rules, then you will have a shapeless mass instead of a dense poached.
1) Take only fresh eggs. The protein of a stale egg in hot water is likely to melt.
2) They must be room temperature!
3) Add a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to water to make the protein folding better. In an ideal use white vinegar, but also it's possible to use an apple or usual one.
4) Before you put the egg in the pan, it is better to break it into a bowl so that it is not damaged.
5) Do not cook more than 2-3 eggs in one pan. They can simply stick or the temperature will drop due to the large number of eggs, so the cooking time will increase or the result may not please you.

In this recipe I will tell you how to properly prepare a poached egg. To do this, we will need directly the chicken egg itself, water, a little utensils and even less time: the entire cooking process will take about 5 minutes.

Ingredients for Poached egg "Breakfast of the day"

Step by step instruction of cooking Poached egg "Breakfast of the day"

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Put the cling film on a coffee Cup. Break the egg.

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Collect the film in a bag and tie with thread or rubber band. Be sure that the film is not damaged!

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Put the bag with the egg to hot water and boil for about 2-5 minutes, depending on the desired consistency of the yolk, but the protein should be solid!
Inside the egg you can add chopped vegetables, herbs or even ham.

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Have a nice meal!