Broccoli in a new way

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I like this recipe seemed interesting and unusual, at least I never so the broccoli didn't cook. I immediately wanted poprobovat, especially since the recipe is very simple and everything is prepared very quickly. It was very tasty. If you love broccoli, this recipe I think you'll like.

Ingredients for Broccoli in a new way

Step by step instruction of cooking Broccoli in a new way

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Broccoli wash. disassemble into small florets and pour boiling water. If you like soft broccoli then boil them in boiling water for one minute.

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Cheese to grate on a coarse grater (cheese you can take any one you like).

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Broccoli, cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs, spices to combine in one dish and mix well. If the mass is too thick, add another egg. You can add greens. Season with salt to taste.

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Put in a pan with a spoon. Fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown, place on a paper towel.