Sandwich with avocado, arugula and cheese

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Time goes by and tastes change, views and ideas... That's the world of sandwiches flourished. Mix can and should be the most diverse tastes. I invite you to try my version. One). And so...

Ingredients for Sandwich with avocado, arugula and cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Sandwich with avocado, arugula and cheese

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Shipping and sharp knife and begin to cast... Cut 2 thin slices. One sprinkle arugula. With a slide, do not regret! Top with slices cut avocado. Ripe and soft! The entire half. And then the moment of choice... feta? Goat cheese? Or both? No, Necrolyte feta. Small hill and safely sprinkle her avocado... great big sandwich and it is not clear how to do this. And here is the answer - cover with a second slice of bread and press down with your hand. In a pan melt a small knob of butter and fry on both sides... Not in a hurry anywhere?! Then treat yourself to this sandwich with a glass of white wine! Bon appetit. Fans of goat cheese you can substitute it for feta. Or, fry in olive oil...