Lamb stew in tomato sauce

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Lamb - that's really a miracle of nature! Amazing meat. Delicious and flavorful! Never thought that in Bolivia cook lamb here. Spied a recipe from a Bolivian friend and make now often.

Ingredients for Lamb stew in tomato sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Lamb stew in tomato sauce

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Cut the onions, celery and cenocepacia in the pan. ( I have tender feelings for Bay leaf), add to the pan.

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Right up

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Next, stir in a couple tablespoons of dried red pepper and a handful of dry coriander.

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Stir and fry a little.

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Add 2 cups of water and simmer. Of course, much depends on the meat. I buy one a butcher and always confident in the result. But, the carcass is at least an hour.
Bon appetit!