Cheese dessert "Easy fun"

75 - 45 минут -

Of course dear friends, can we live without cheese is impossible! I recall one recipe, simple and easy dessert here! Very delicate and airy! Sure to be delicious! This cheese is graviola a miracle, perhaps someone will like the dish! Cooking is not difficult! Only we know that all is well and conscientiously whisk! And wait will result! The oven will attract crazy flavor! To your health! Help yourself! Light taste enjoy! Dear friends, I congratulate you on Victory Day!!!

Ingredients for Cheese dessert "Easy fun"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese dessert "Easy fun"

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Eggs with sugar beat with a mixer at high speed incandescent and creamy

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Add to the egg mass of curd, grated lemon zest, semolina and vanilla. All whisk until fluffy

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Need or glass form, or good form with a ceramic coating ( about 20X20, can be a little more) in the form of cheese, does not powder and not oil. Flatten it, and send in the oven for 20-25minutes at a temperature of 170-175%.

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Meanwhile prepare the top cream: whisk the cream with the sugar until fluffy.

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Next, remove the casserole from the oven, liberally lubricate the sour cream, return to the oven for 10 minutes. no more.

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The finished casserole to cool..

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After you cool down, take a knife or a sharp, thin blade, hold along the walls of the mold, cut into pieces a La carte.

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And serve!