Pizza on yeast dough in the slow cooker

114 - 60 минут 3 порции

Great yeast dough suitable for baking in a slow cooker and the oven. Pizza it turns rosy and hearty.

Ingredients for Pizza on yeast dough in the slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Pizza on yeast dough in the slow cooker

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I have from this quantity of ingredients is obtained 3 pizza in a slow cooker, but if you decide to do it in the oven, it will only one. First you need knead the dough. For this we take a piece of yeast and rubs it with two tablespoons of sugar, then add the salt, egg and knead everything well. Next, pour half Cup of water and add a Cup of flour, knead. Add second half of water and add the remaining flour. The dough should get a not very steep but not liquid, thicker than sour cream. Remove the dough in a warm place.

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After 30 minutes get the pizza out of the slow cooker, I just slowly tilt the pan and shake it from side to side. pizza slips out easily onto the plate. you can also help her special. spatula. Then do the same with a second and a third pizza)

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Here is our dough in the cut) Bon appetit!)