Cheesecakes with rice flour

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One cooking blog I found information about what is the most delicious cheesecake this cheesecake with anything other than rice flour! Of course, I didn't believe until checked. According to the General opinion of my family, these pancakes do taste better than usual. Besides, they dietine inside a very gentle, airy and with a delicious crispy crust! But if you can't buy the rice flour, it can be easy to make at home, pitch long grain rice in a coffee grinder!

Ingredients for Cheesecakes with rice flour

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheesecakes with rice flour

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Recipe from the blog Alena Korotkova with my minor changes. For the dough, mix thoroughly with a tablespoon of sugar with a slide, cheese and egg. Curd pass through a sieve optional.

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About rice flour: to make it home, grind it in a coffee grinder, preferably long-grain rice, sift it into a bowl through a sieve, large pieces remaining in the sieve, grind again, and so until all the rice has become the flour of the same milling. Flour may take more or less depending on the density of the cheese. My curd was very thick, so I added 1 tbsp of sour cream, but the flour left just 20 grams, the rest is on the breadcrumbs. But if the cheese you have is liquid flour into the dough will leave probably at least 60 g.
So, thoroughly mix the flour, vanilla and baking powder with the mixture.

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To the dough add the washed raisins and mix. In my family, except with raisins, cheese cakes do not eat, but of course, you can replace the raisins with other dried fruit or candied fruit, or nothing to add.

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Shape dough cheesecakes, each roll on all sides in the rice flour. I got 9 pieces. Remove the workpiece for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

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Fry the cheese cakes on both sides until Golden brown. To do this, heat the pan a small amount of vegetable oil, first on medium heat fry one side, then gently flip and fry under the lid with the other.