Cake "pigeon milk" under the cherry souffle

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The classic recipe of this wonderful cake, taken from an old cookbook, slightly modified. It made a wonderful treat with the caramel notes of brown sugar and sour cherry souffle

Ingredients for Cake "pigeon milk" under the cherry souffle

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "pigeon milk" under the cherry souffle

Шаг 1

First make the cake. For this you need to beat the butter, sugar

Шаг 2

Then add 3 egg yolks, baking soda and flour. Ready dough shift in the form, the laid parchment. Bake 15-20 minutes at 175 degrees. Ready cake cool down completely. At this time, prepare cream. To do this, dissolve the gelatin according to the instructions in 150 ml of water

Шаг 3

Add cane sugar and stir well

Шаг 4

Proteins vzbit with 150 g of sugar

Шаг 5

Pour hot gelatin solution in a thin stream, continuing to mix

Шаг 6

Separately whisk the condensed milk with butter. Gradually add the oil mixture to the whipped protein, all the time whisking and spread on cooled cake. Put into the refrigerator to solidification

Шаг 7

For the cherry soufflé with the remaining 3 yolks, add the cane sugar

Шаг 8

Stir with a whisk, then put the icing sugar, the flour, pour in the milk and cook the custard according to the recipe irres http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/510 51/

Шаг 9

Dissolve gelatin in cherry juice

Шаг 10

Then pour the gelatin solution into the cream, allow to cool to room temperature

Шаг 11

Spread on first layer of cake. Put into the refrigerator until firm. The finished cake out from the mould and cover with chocolate icing

Шаг 12

Bon appetit!