Cold oatmeal in Swiss "Bircher muesli"

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This amazing dish was invented in his clinic for patients of Dr. Bircher. He thought it was oatmeal and apples-the elixir of longevity and health. From myself only I can add that in Switzerland in any store you will find a lot of types of ready-made Bircher muesli. They, of course, long-term storage, i.e. with preservatives. Hotels of the world Breakfast will be offered it Bircher muesli. I suggest you to prepare this healthy Breakfast yourself. I've experimented and found a perfect recipe.

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Ingredients for Cold oatmeal in Swiss "Bircher muesli"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cold oatmeal in Swiss "Bircher muesli"

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Take oatmeal, add juice and natural! yogurt any, at your discretion, fat. The better will be your Breakfast.

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Roast nuts and chop a bit in the blender.

Шаг 3

Mix the nuts with oatmeal. Cover with plastic wrap and OVERNIGHT in fridge!

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Morning run to the fridge. And then pure experiment! Everyone has their own. Add to the Bircher muesli that you like, grated apples ( delicious), berries, if any, grapes, bananas, oranges, any fruits! That is, the PAP is the base and then everything according to your taste and discretion. I added grated Apple, raspberries, banana and mint! And you good appetite!

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Very hearty and delicious Breakfast!

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The rest, if you remain in the container and in the fridge for tomorrow!