Pangasius baked

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To cook fish the easy and fast option to prepare a hearty lunch or dinner. The dish was helpful, cook fish in the oven. To be tasty - in an interesting marinade.

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Step by step instruction of cooking Pangasius baked

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The recipe for any white fish.
Pour the fish pieces with cognac, sprinkle with salt, sprinkle 1/2 mixture of spices.
Pangasius has a pretty neutral, mild taste, so that it is suitable for almost any seasoning. Therefore, the choice of spices for fish dishes is truly unlimited. The amount of seasoning is a matter of taste. Like witty - more pepper. I love the slight smell and slight aftertaste of spices.

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Peel and cut shallots (kuschevka) rings and add to the marinade between slices of fish. Turn the fish again with salt, sprinkle with seasoning.

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Spread the fish pieces on the grill and put it under the upper level of heating. Under the grill put a pan with a silicone Mat or greased with vegetable oil. On a baking sheet spread the onions and pour the remaining marinade. When baking fat with fish vytaplivaete and drips on the bow. Bake at the highest temperature, I have a 250C: 15 minutes on one side until Golden brown, remove zarumyanilsya onion, then turn the fish and continue to bake for another 5 minutes. Cooking time depends on thickness of piece of fish.

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Pour the lemon juice. Served with herbs and a light vegetable salad.
Bon appetit!