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In this step-by-step recipe will do my best to clearly tell them I do.

Ingredients for Rolls

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls

Шаг 1

The core product for rolls is of course rice.

Шаг 2

Boil the rice. I do it in the slow cooker. As soon as the rice is ready, pour it into a bowl, and season the finished mizukara while it is hot, as much as can absorb Fig.
Poured mitsukan-mixed intensively, and allowed to stand again poured. And so until then, until it is sticky, but not liquid.

Шаг 3

If we turn the shrimp rolls, wooden skewers pre-soaked in cold water, the wood swelled, and not dug into the shrimp themselves.
And when cooked the shrimp will be smooth, making it ideal for twist rolls.

Шаг 4

To put water on the fire, season with salt, add a slice of lemon or lime, a Bay leaf and bring to a boil and start the shrimp. Cook for just a couple of minutes. Cool and remove from the shell and rectum, notched shrimp on the back.

Шаг 5

Option 1:Chop the shrimp finely, add mayonnaise and mix well.
Option 2:Leave the shrimp whole, but cut them horizontally.
Depends on what toppings you want in the rolls.

Шаг 6

The rice should be warm!
Take a pic with wet hands and form a ball. Lay on the Mat, the nori sheet (rough side up).
In the middle lay a ball of rice and spread the rice evenly across the sheet leaving a small strip at the top.
Ensure that the hands were always wet.
To raise the middle to you the edge of the Mat with the rice, covering it gradually from the top.

Шаг 7

Cover the Mat completely. Left hand pottageville you roll to yourself, and at the same time the right hand, pull himself from the Mat in the opposite direction. This is done in order to keep the roll from falling apart in the future.
The remaining edge of the nori slightly wetted with water to seal the roll.

Шаг 8

To tighten the Mat to the end, and again, repeat the procedure described in the above step. This will strengthen our roll.
While shaping him to straight edge force of the hands, pressing his fingers exactly as in the photo, only the right hand fingers you need to place a mirror in the left hand.
Roll constantly flipped to give an equal edge on all sides. (this is necessary for square rolls).
Unfortunately, unable to photograph more, because one it was hard, and nori soak ( (

Шаг 9

Cut the roll in half with a wet, thin knife.
Trim the forward edge of the knife (trimming you can eat while no one sees) and the perfect roll will have to the table.
And then each half for another three parts.

Шаг 10

In the recipe I described the basic principles of making rolls. Toppings can choose to your taste.
My favorite toppings:
1. Salmon m/s+cream cheese+gherkin or pickled cucumber.
2. Salmon m/s+cream cheese+caviar
3. Salmon m/s+smoked salmon+shrimp with mayonnaise+green onions (feathers).
4. Avocado+cucumber+salmon m/s
Bon appetit!