Millet porridge with egg and cheese

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Offer to cook millet porridge with milk, but not just porridge, with egg and melted cheese! It is very tasty! And this dish has little flavor, or spice )))

Ingredients for Millet porridge with egg and cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Millet porridge with egg and cheese

Шаг 1

I cook porridge in the pot-moleculare. She has a double bottom where is filled with water, and porridge does not stick and not "escapes".

So, pour water into the spout molokovsky, put on the whistle

Шаг 2

For this porridge I used millet from "Mistral"

Шаг 3

Pour the millet in a sieve and rinse with boiling water (about 1 l)

Шаг 4

Now sleeps the millet in a saucepan with milk

Шаг 5

Add salt and sugar. Cover with a lid, at this time, the whistle stops whistling (as the temperature drops), wait until will again blow the whistle, switched on the small fire and leave the lid on for 40 minutes. Several times over the porridge to prevent it, but rest assured, it will not burn and will not escape.

Шаг 6

15 minutes until cooked porridge whisk the raw egg with melted cheese.
You can use regular cheese. But in my opinion, only melted it gives "creamy"

Шаг 7

And, while stirring, introduce this mixture into the cereal. Cover with a lid and zagotavlivali

Шаг 8

And now a little surprise!

Spice propose to add to porridge chopped chili pepper - just a hint. This volume is not more than 1 cm of the pepper, removing the seeds beforehand (for in them the anger!)

But this, of course, voluntary. If you cook for children, of course, the surprise is eliminated. Anyway, if you do not consider it necessary, do not add!