Meat balls of rabbit meat

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As you know, rabbit meat is primarily organic, dietary product. The composition of the rabbit meat differs from meat of other animals. From it prepare a variety of dishes, like boiled, fried, baked, stewed and even smoked. So I decided to make my kiddies their favorite meatballs, but not from beef and pork, as do the classic recipes, and useful rabbit meat.

Ingredients for Meat balls of rabbit meat

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat balls of rabbit meat

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The ingredients for the stuffing.

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Form meatballs and roll in flour.

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Fry the meatballs in vegetable oil until Golden brown (fry until tender!)

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Make a sauce. In sour cream, then add the tomato paste, salt (I add 1 tsp sugar to the sauce was not acidic). The sauce need to add a little water. At your request, you can add more spices, very good thyme (thyme), parsley. I have these spices are not added, because cooking for the kids, and they are in my food. Pour the sauce over the meatballs, cover and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes.

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Pleasant appetite!