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Barbecue "emerald"

Barbecue "emerald"

No words can describe how delicious and beautiful I can't. This is the barbecue that will appeal to everyone, and not just like it, and eat it all and adults and children and observing proper diet. Very easy to prepare. Suitable for grill and oven and to BBQ facilities. A versatile marinade for any meat, fish and seafood. Perfect for the holiday table. Delicious both cold and hot.

Cooking time 150 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Barbecue "emerald"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Barbecue "emerald"

Step 1

I like to do barbecue and meat and fish at the same time, as will always be willing to enjoy one or both of them.
In addition, this option variety to any table.
I have a version of the diet of barbecue, but trust me no less tasty and will appeal to men. You can use any meat, fish or even seafood. Today, we have pangasius fillet and chicken fillet.

Step 2

Pangasius cut lengthwise into strips.

Step 3

Also chop and chicken.

Step 4

Next, take cream. It should be fresh.
Add to it the soy sauce Kikkoman. Someone will say that the cream is self-sufficient. But you just have not tried the sour cream with soy sauce is a ready sauce that goes with everything. It is very, very tasty.
So restrain yourself and continue.

Step 5

Next, tear the hands a bunch of greens.
Take herbs to taste, I have parsley.
The immersion blender turn it all into a uniform beautiful "emerald" mass.
If there is no blender, finely chop the greens and shake hands.
Add garlic powder and pepper.
And here I could not resist and dipped white bread, very tasty.

Step 6

Meat and fish are put in different containers and pour the marinade.
The marinade turns out a lot of our meat and fish is nice to bathe in it. Put into the fridge for 2 hours.
If possible mix up.
After two hours, stir, taste for salt, add if necessary.