Octopus inspired by Jamie Oliver

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Having read Jamie in the head and heart ( and tummy) are firmly entrenched combinations of vegetables and herbs... Amazing aromas of Provence and Tuscany. Here's my recipe for octopus. Amazingly tender.

Ingredients for Octopus inspired by Jamie Oliver

Step by step instruction of cooking Octopus inspired by Jamie Oliver

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And then everything is easy. Octopus ( or a small osminozhka) need to clean! Gut!

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In a pan with olive oil saute the onions, throw the whole tomatoes, dry oregano... Enjoy the aroma and throw the peppers and garlic. It can be not cut and crush with a knife. Throw the coriander and Capers. Extinguish all 10 minutes...

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When the octopus is ready, remove it, slice into large pieces and fry to a crisp on the grill ( or grill pan). In the vegetable sauce which was braised octopus, add a tablespoon of honey. Stir. And back put the octopus into the vegetable/ honey sauce. Turn down the heat and let stand, covered.

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All. Serve with rice. Serve with vegetables! Serve simply on a bed of vegetables, which were braised octopus! Bon appetit!