Mexican sweet buns "Conchas"

101 - 120 минут 18 порции

"Mel". Beautiful buns, appeal to both adults and children, easy to make, crisp top and airy in the middle.

Ingredients for Mexican sweet buns "Conchas"

Step by step instruction of cooking Mexican sweet buns "Conchas"

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And prepare...

In the bowl of the mixer dissolve the yeast in warm water with milk.
Then add the butter, sugar, egg, salt and 2 cups flour stir the dough with a nozzle" hook" to it to harden, then add 1 Cup of flour and knead the dough, switch the speed to medium and knead with a mixer for 5 minutes, the dough should be elastic and slightly sticky, this is nothing, in the process it will be normal.
Well, if too sticky, then add another 1/2чашки flour and knead the dough on high speed for 2 minutes.

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The finished dough cover with plastic wrap, put in warm place to rise, it will take us 1 to 2 hours.
The photo shows only after kneading and already suited.

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While suitable dough, make the sugar coating, mix all ingredients.

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Knead elastic dough, divide into three parts and add food coloring (if liquid then a few drops of gel on the tip of a toothpick).

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Well they knead and wrap in plastic wrap.

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Form for baking lay parchment.

Take one and roll balls, finished balls put a seam down.

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If you have here is a device for slicing eggs, then good, if not then will use a round mold for baking cookies.

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Lightly sprinkle the table with flour, take the mixed dough and divide evenly by the number of rolls (I got 4 blue,6 yellow and 6 red), mash his hands on the table prisypannom flour and logging make strips.

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Raise Ostorozhno with a knife and placed on the surface of the rolls, the rolls surface before coating should be lightly wet with water.

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So you can put on each muffin.
But, if you use for cutting cookies, then you will need to go through the dough, pressing so it turned out like waves on the shell. (iscos or whatever you like).

Covered rolls to leave on the table to come in for 40 minutes, covered with a light towel.

The oven to be heated at 185C, put the buns in the oven and bake for 18-20 minutes. Or look through the glass door until neobrasayte lightly browned crust on the bottom buns.

riyatny appetite!

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Bon appetit!