Candy "Fragrant" chickpea with chocolate

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Candy chickpeas with chocolate, waffles and honey. Very tasty candy! If I gave You these chocolates, You never would have guessed that they are made from chickpeas... ( Make candy with the kids. This occupation is really like. )

Ingredients for Candy "Fragrant" chickpea with chocolate

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy "Fragrant" chickpea with chocolate

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Chickpeas I soaked for 24 hours for another recipe. Cooked it 30 minutes. 300 grams left and I used it for candy.

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The chickpeas are crushed.

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Crushed wafers and chocolate couverture.

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Crushed chickpeas, wafers, chocolate poured into a bowl and mix.

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Added homemade, fragrant honey.

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Well-mixed contents of the bowl with your hands. Get a good plastic dough. Tried it and added the powdered sugar, vanilla, salt.

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Mixed and dashed between the palms of balls. They are well kept shape. Roll them in the sesame seeds and poppy seeds. ( Candy for the children. Plastic, pleasant to the touch the dough does not stick to hands ).

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Get here are the candy.

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Poppy and sesame are well stuck to the candy.

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Candies are soft, delicious, fragrant from honey, vanilla and chocolate wafers.

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With honey, I did without butter.

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Therefore, candy is not oily and not harmful.

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Chocolate chips nice tingling in the mouth...

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Help yourself to a delicious and hearty sweets.