Jam made from pine cones

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Berry jam we all already cooked, some cooked jam and vegetables, it is also not uncommon, and you are treated to a therapeutic, aromatic and unusual jam made from pine cones. Who cares, welcome to the recipe.

Ingredients for Jam made from pine cones

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam made from pine cones

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These are beautiful cones we need for a delicious and fragrant jam. Number of water and sugar are approximate. From the recipe will become clear.

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Bumps wash, fill with water in sufficient quantity to cover the bumps with the top centimeter or two. Mostly in 1 kg cones require two liters of water. Cook the buds in the water for 40 minutes, then leave to infuse for 10-12 hours.

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Strain the infusion and now measure out how much sugar to take. One Cup of infusion requires one Cup of sugar.

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Pour the ready jam in the banks adding to each of the cones.