Puff chicken aspic with horseradish

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Personally, I always eat jelly and aspic with horseradish, it is very they are combined, in my opinion. So I want to offer You, beloved cooks, the aspic in which the fuck will be present directly inside! It turns out very fragrant and tasty, and done very quickly! You can experiment with meats and spices! Be sure to try!

Ingredients for Puff chicken aspic with horseradish

Step by step instruction of cooking Puff chicken aspic with horseradish

Шаг 1

Fillets cut into very small pieces, fill with water and simmered tormented for 15 minutes, add the Bay leaf and pepper.

Шаг 2

At this time, mix the yoghurt and horseradish. Salt-pepper to taste. Add a pinch of sugar and mix everything thoroughly.

Шаг 3

Gelatin dilute according to the instructions on the package.

Шаг 4

Added to give a fuck about one third of gelatin over medium heat and are well heated to gelatin earned. IN ANY CASE NOT BOIL!

Шаг 5

Pour into molds, I took a La carte kremanki and put in refrigerator for 20 minutes until firm.

Шаг 6

At this time, add favorite spices to the chicken, cook for another 5 minutes and switch off. Allow to cool a little. Add the remaining gelatin and stir thoroughly.

Шаг 7

Fill the shape with horseradish chicken and broth and again in the refrigerator until fully cured! ALL!)

Шаг 8

For the holidays and just because! Quick and tasty!