Yogurt cake "Peppermint mocha"

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If the summer on any celebration you need to cook the cake - do this!!! And you will not regret it! Because the summer heat is the best kind of cake! Light and refreshing! Chocolate and coffee base and cool yoghurt and mint jelly on top!

Ingredients for Yogurt cake "Peppermint mocha"

Step by step instruction of cooking Yogurt cake "Peppermint mocha"

Шаг 1

Do the cake.

Egg whisk with sugar

Шаг 2

Add cocoa and sour cream, knead well with a whisk

Шаг 3

Squeeze the dough in the juice of half a lemon

Шаг 4

Now add the flour, razryhlitel and coffee grounds. Knead until smooth dough.

Шаг 5

Split mold smazhem butter and sprinkle with flour, pour the dough. Put the cake in heated to 180 degrees oven and bake until dry matches. I have it took about 12 minutes. Be guided by your oven

Шаг 6

Ready cake is completely cooled, wrap in cling film so it does not dry out.

Шаг 7

Make yoghurt and mint jelly.

To do this, first grind the spinach, and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. This juice will serve as a dye

Шаг 8

Squeeze lemon juice

Шаг 9

Mint finely chop and put into blender

Шаг 10

This also add the sugar, yogurt, lemon juice, juice of spinach and it all turn into a homogeneous mass.

Gelatin soak in water until it swells. Heated up 1/4 of the gelatin until dissolved (but do not boil!).

Then do so. Molded 1/4 part yogurt mass, pour in the 1/4 part of the heated gelatin and stir.

Шаг 11

Vystelim split mold with cling film. Returned to her cake.

Pour it in the yogurt jelly (the same 1/4 of the total). Refrigerate for 1 hour.
After that heated to dissolve the remaining gelatin, mix it with the remaining yogurt and pour this jelly on top of the cake. Put into the refrigerator until fully cured jelly

You can do otherwise - please fill in the form of jelly, giving him a little "grab" in the fridge (about 20 minutes), and then put the cake and clean up to complete solidification

Шаг 12

The finished cake remove from the form

Шаг 13

Sprinkle with cocoa and garnish with mint leaves and lemon